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These terms and conditions constitute the contract between you (the pet owner or their representative) herein called client and us ( Pet Travel Division of Hamilton Packers ) trading as Hamilton Packers herein called Pet Travel. Our employees are also protected under these terms and conditions but they do not have authority to make any promises on our behalf or change any of these terms and conditions.

Whereas the utmost care and attention is given to client's Pet's, they are handled with the understanding that Pet Travel, are at no time to be held responsible for loss, death , illness , injury or accident due to any cause , either natural or accidental.

The quotation or estimate is based on the weight or the height and length of the Pet's or dimensions of your travel container's ,given by the client . Airfreight and container charges offered are based on this information. If there is any increase in the size of the pet or travel container due to the fact the container is too small ( with reference to IATA Live Animal Regulation ), extra freight charges and purchasing new container and accessories are to the client's account .


In case of EXPORT, please note -- our quotation do not include import permit ,custom clearance , airline handling charges , quarantine charges or Tax / duty at destination airport ( unless specified ).

In case of IMPORT , our quotations do not include any documents and airfreight cost from the country of origin (unless specified ). Any IMPORT DUTY and TAX to be paid during customs clearance will be charged based on actual amount ,when Pet Travel can not establish the amount on the quotation due to lack of information from the client or in case the information given by client is not accurate (of the airfreight cost ),an adjustment might be required.

Pet Travel can not be held responsible for airline delays , cancellation of flights , incorrect routing by airlines, changing of aircraft type or available capacity by airlines, or loss of veterinary documents by airlines. If any additional charges for kenneling and extra trips to the airport are for the client's account.

Pet Travel are authorized to seek veterinary attention should this be required whilst pets are in boarding kennels or in or from quarantine or in our care. Any additional charges are to the client's account. All treatment fees that do in the quarantine facility by the quarantine veterinarian will be charge to client's account and need to settle by the time of delivery pet to the client residence. We reserve the right not to handle vicious dogs. In case pets will be boarding in our kennel out from the Quarantine station ,pet's must stay for examination in our Clinic for few days (at least 7 days) prior transport to our boarding kennel and additional charges might occur at client's account.

It is client responsibility to ensure that the pet's inoculations are up to date. For most of the destination and export requirements Rabies is a must, and validity should be within 1 month to 1 year.

We do not recommend dog or cat to be given tranquillizers during travel. Where tranquillizers are needed or specifically requested , tranquillizers are STRICTLY to be arranged by the client and prescribed and issued by client's own veterinarian.

Pet Travel will not be held responsible for over dosage , any side effects or death due to poorly administered tranquillizers.

Pet Travel will not be held responsible for any lost of toys ad accessories and any lost of toys ad accessories and other things during traveling.

For using our services returning this form with signature and providing all documents required and a deposit of 50% payment is required prior to any bookings.

For EXPORTATION , full payment to be made prior shipment date

For IMPORTATION , full payment to be made prior delivery of pets

All boarding costs whilst in our kennels prior exportation or after importation is to the client's account and for animals staying for long or indefinite periods , account must be settled in advance. Should departure /delivery dates be delayed , extra kenneling costs are to the client's account , and must be settled prior to departure /delivery of pets.

Our handling and airfreight charges agreed with this quotation are valid for 30 days after contract signing. Quotations are based on current freight tariffs which are subject to change without prior notification. Any increase are to the client's account.

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